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New feature on Twitter

New feature on Twitter

Twitter is testing the new feature it has recently activated with a limited number of accounts.

Thanks to the new feature, when you tweet, you can choose who can answer your tweet.

You can change this setting by tapping the "Everyone" option while on the new tweet page. "Everyone" is selected by default. From there, users can pick from one of three options: "Everyone", "People you follow", "Only people you mention" options appear in the window that opens. There is an explanation statement just above these options. "Choose who can reply to this tweet. Anyone mentioned can always reply."

Selected accounts can now use this new feature. Twitter did not provide information about when this feature will be available to everyone.

Twitter may announce another new feature soon. is testing a new feature, called "fleets," which allows users to to post tweets that automatically disappear after 24 hours.

We will update this article as soon as there are new developments.